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My 2019 GO2 Foundation Walk/Run & Kite Fly Hollywood Fundraising Page

Asha Olivia

My name's Asha Olivia, and I'm a Stage 4 Lung Cancer Survivor, and I'm here to live!

At the time of my sudden diagnosis, I was a veggie-eating yoga-bender with a little cough. That cough was caused by a massive 22 cubic centimeter tumor in my upper left lung, sitting on my heart and strangling my pulmonary artery. It had spread to my brain and hip. I could no longer breathe. In the same month I was diagnosed, I was sliding into home plate for good.

Today, with the help of the unbelievable Dr. Luis Raez and his team at Memorial Cancer Institute (MCI) in Pembroke Pines, Florida, along with advanced targeted genetic therapy, and the grace of the Almighty, family and friends, that tumor is almost dead. I had a one-year prognosis (if that), and nine months later, I'm on my way to being cancer-free, with no more cancer in my brain or hip. I'm strong, powerful, kicking ass and healthier than ever. I'm in the gym, and I'm traveling the world, with a successful business to boot.

They say people like me "are lucky", but luck has got nothing to do with it. Teams like Dr. Raes' and advances in medical science by foundations like this one help give people like me a second chance.

Please join me in the fight to destigmatize this disease. This is not a disease of smokers, sometimes-smokers or never-smokers. This is a disease where people are categorically denied the same cancer research due to the fact that others, including Congress, think they deserved it. Well, I'm here to tell you that I didn't and nobody does.

Lung cancer is the #1 killer of American women, more than breast, cervical and uterine cancers combined, more than heart attacks, more than any other disease, and this number's bizarrely growing among non-smoking women. It may have to do with injections of reproductive medicines like I took or perhaps just growing pollution and mounting societal stress. Nobody really knows why.

Please help me raise money to bring lung cancer out of the shadows. I like to say that the lungs in my chest look like wings, and maybe they're the only wings I'll ever have. Maybe our strong and vulnerable lungs are the only wings we all will ever have.

Won't you help me take flight so that we all can? Please donate today.

I'll be walking November 2nd. You'll be with me as the wind in--

My angel lungs,

Asha Olivia
Warrior and Survivor
Stage 4 Lung Cancer
Non-Small Cell, Adinoma Carcinoma Squimosa
EGFR Genetic Mutation


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We need more people like you. Please continue to make the world a better place not only for animals but for people as well. God Bless
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Good luck
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You rock!
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